Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

Are you interested in knowing the honest and real Pair Eyewear reviews? Then you are exactly where you need to be! Here I have brought a blog that will dictate every detail of your Pair Eyewear! Knowing about the client reviews about these glasses will change your point of view towards wearing glasses daily.

So without any further ado, let me walk you through this amazing blog on Pair eyewear reviews. This will help you make a clear and confident decision in your favor and Pair Eyewear.

What is Pair Eyewear?

Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

Pair Eyewear, a company built in 2017 by Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein, aims to provide a unique and luxurious style, which is a perfect combination of the retro and the contemporary. The business initially concentrated on making available to children at a price that is affordable and interchangeable frames, since these were the top choices for children in the market as most of them are limited and overpriced. Once an anonymous Shark Tank presented Pair Eyewear in 2020 and the brand was able to gain annual sales thanks to acquiring funding from investors which enabled it to introduce a wide range of designs, especially for adults. Also, licensing deals with Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, and many more were sealed for the top-frame designs.

Moving on, the online merchant offers a broad eyewear assortment comprising reading glasses, sunglasses, and magnets shirts (for kids and adults) among others.

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Why is Pair Eyewear Different?

Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

First, you have to settle on a frame, which is available in many colors from cream color to the darkest shade. The base frame is something that you can just wear by itself, or bring a change to your look which is as simple as 1 2 3 by making use of a wide range of magnetic frame toppers. Turning from clear lens through toppers to sunglasses by merely swapping them makes them way more convenient for switching them especially for outdoors and while driving or taking part in outdoor activities.

Each of the lids is available in virtually every color along with theme patterns and prints such as Marvel, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, NHL, and The NBA. There are new additions released every month. You need to be sure you have that in mind. The good news is that they are pocket-friendly, only around $20-$25 each. Make a note that balaclavas cost less than new glasses by far.

Things Customers Appreciated About Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

Here is a list of a few things that the consumers appreciated.

1. Top Rated Frames

Users found themselves amazed by the sheer number of Top Frames that Pair has to offer (special collections that include collaboration with Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter). They are your personalized way of adding a touch of style to your outfit while at the same time being easily interchangeable and affordable without spending hundreds on more than one pair of glasses.

2. The Smooth Ordering Process

Trying various frames on, entering the pupillary distance, uploading a prescription, and ordering from pair Eyewear was pretty seamless for the users. Necessary time was spent on transportation, but the glasses came with a soft casing box which allows one to provide a safe passage for at least two frame tops and the fundamental frames.

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3. The 30-day Free Trial

If you are not delighted with your eyeglasses order, return it, and they will refund your money within 30 days. During the next 30 days, they offer you time to examine your glasses and decide whether you would like to continue the use of them. Having a Pair website is convenient since frames are displayed in 3D from different angles allowing you to select something that looks good on you when instant online try-on is not available. In terms of return, Pair is not into frames that allow long-term returns like some other online eyewear stores they’ve tested.

Things Customers Didn’t Appreciate About Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

Here are some things that customers didn’t find appreciatable:

1. They Are Not Sturdy

The way Pair suffices the lens construction with spring-loaded hinges and polyamide material proves that they are both flexible and durable considering they primarily manufacture prescription glasses meant to be bent, scratched, or dropped by kids who easily break their glasses. Some people, however, may favor glasses that are very lightweight and flexible, yet users found the latter felt nowhere near as heavy and large when turned compared to Warby Parker glasses which are some of their best and most comfortable prescription eyeglasses. If you are into eyeglasses and not highly adaptable, as users we would advise you to improve to other brands with appropriate weight.

2. Costs Can Add Up Quickly

While Pair’s base frames come sold at 60 dollars, which makes them quite affordable compared to competitors’ prices and models, if you want to customize top frames or add-ons, you’ll additionally have to pay extra fees and that blue light-blocking and progressive lens options will cost you more money than other online glasses shops. However, you can spend over $100 with all the trimmings considering the whole complex process, so definitely if you do not expect to get more than paying the usual eyeglass rate.

3. Tops Needed to be Handled With Care

The base frames and tops along with them give a very big build of glasses someone would put on their eyes, in a way more when compared with your conventional glasses. Another reason why folding smartphones have durability issues is that the frames can be easily misaligned even with a slight bump with the hand or a fall on the floor. Besides, magnets simplify your everyday procedure and make top frames easy to exchange. Hence they can easily fall off!

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Some Honest Reviews About Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear Reviews: Honest & Genuine Client Testimonials!

Here I have mentioned some of the honest reviews about Pair Eyewear. Have a look:

“I love my pair glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since my teenage years and they always look so bad, I felt less confident with them. I tried many brands and frames over the years. I can’t believe a pair of glasses from an online store would look this good! I actually like to wear my glasses now lol they are very lightweight and thin but I can see perfectly, I also love my shades. Hopefully they will last for a long time!”

Great idea, but it’s hard to order and get the right distance between eyes, or where the prescription goes. The customer service is not good. I bought a second pair to go with my tops. They came bent and askew AND had the prescription in one tiny area away from where one looks through the glasses. They only gave me a partial refund! I will not use them again. The ONLY thing they have going is the magnetic tops.

Absolutely the worst customer support ever. I would never refer anyone to them!

First off each pair should come with one free pair of magnetic clip ons. No one should have to pay extra for sun comfort. I think it’s just gross to charge for a 1 year warranty. Some of us are not made out of money and need to see. $90 for the glasses and one clip on is just disgusting. $40 to $60 for both is reasonable. $30 for each clip on? Seriously Icky. $10 makes more sense. No amount of ads in shoved down my throat will change my opinion.

The glasses are not as cheap as advertised. I built a pair of glasses and it costed $379. The transition lens costed $149 extra on top of expensive lens. Buyers, beware of false advertising.

Wrapping Up

And that’s it. This is how you can know about all the honest Pair Eyewear reviews. I hope this blog served you in the best way possible and clarified all your doubts and queries. If you still have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To read more such interesting and informative blogs, keep visiting our website, Moneytech Insiders! Have a good day ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Pair Eyewear?

The Pair Eyewear belongs to Edelstein who earned her undergraduate degree at Stanford University. There is another co-founder Nathan Kondamuri. Nathan noticed that the currently available Eyeglass options were limited and not at all unique. She discovered the need to bring change and innovation in the eyeglass section.

Where does Pair Eyewear ship from?

Pair Eyewear has its headquarters in New York, USA.

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